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                          Luber Roklin Entertainment 

Manager: Elizabeth Wilson - - 310.855.2215

Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Black



Tomorrow Will Be Sunday |  Black Astronaut  | Dir. Jenny Koons  |  Chautauqua Theater Company

Ironbound  |  Tommy  |  Dir. Emily Moler |  UCSD Wagner Theater

Balm in Gilead  |  Fick  |  Dir. Kim Rubinstein  |  UCSD Weiss Theater

Put Your House in Order  |  Roland (US)  |  Dir. Lili-Anne Brown  |  La Jolla Playhouse

The Gradient  |  Louis  |  Dir. Steph Del Rosso  |  UCSD Shank Theater


Everybody Black  |  Ben/Millennial/Eugene  | Dir. Steve Brodnax III  | UCSD Potiker


Measure for Measure  |  Lord Angelo  |  Dir. Brian McManamon  | Shakes. Ac. Strat.


The Tempest  |  Sebastian  |  Dir. Jessi D. Hill  | Shakes. Academy at Stratford


You Don't Matter  |  Robert  |  Dir. Paul Morris  | Studio 4 NY Fringe Festival


No One Asked Me  |  Daniel  |  Dir. Matthew Newton  |  SoHo Playhouse Theater


Secret Bonds  |  Jeffrey  |  Dir. Johanna Nchekwube  |  NYU Experimental Theater


Outcry  |  Emmett Till  |  Dir. Thais Francis  |  NYU New Studio on Broadway


The Seven  |  Eteoclus  |  Dir. Kent Gash  |  NYU New Studio on Broadway


NYU Reality Show  |  Improv/Sketch  |  Dir. Liz Swados  |  Beacon Theater/Radio City

Sweeney Todd  |  Beadle Bamford  |  Dir. Kent Gash  |  New Studio on Broadway

Spring Awakening  |  Parents  |  Dir. Kenneth Noel Mitchell  | New Studio on Broadway


Ubiquity (short)  |  Alec  |  Dir. Garrett Schulte  |  UCSD Student Film


She  |  Neil  |  Dir. Siri Elena |  Wildly Successful Theatre Company

What We Pay for Likes  |  Compana  |  Dir. Inda Craig-Galvan  |  Playwrights' Arena

End Days  |  Ike  |  Dir. Emily Moler  |  Wagner New Play Readings

Watch Me  |  Various Characters  |  Dir. Lamar Perry  | Wagner New Play Readings

Not Another Sidney Poitier  |  Jason  |  Dir. Lamar Perry  |  Diversionary Theatre

Incendiary  |  Markus/Gerard  |  Dir. Madison Williams  |  Wagner New Play Readings

Exception to the Rule  |  Dayrin  |  Dir. Madison Williams  |  Wagner NP Readings


Yo-Yo Ma Concert Series  |  Cellist  |  Peace Center for the Perfoming Arts

As You Like It  |  Cellist  |  NYU New Studio on Broadway Production

Baker's Wife  |  Cellist  |  NYU New Studio on Broadway Production

Training & Workshops

University of California, San Diego   |   MFA   |   Acting

New York University (Tisch)   |  BFA   |   Acting

Shakespeare Academy at Stratford  |  Summer Intensive  | Acting

On Camera: Richard Robichaux, Ted Sluberksi, Brian McManamon

Theater Acting: Kent Gash, Michelle Shay, Marco Barricelli

Movement: Stephen Buescher, Orlando Pabotoy 

Voice & Speech: Ursula Meyer, Dawn Elin-Fraser

Special Skills

Accents: Zulu South African, British RP and MLE, New York, ATS; Cello Performance (classically trained), Dance ( Jazz, African, Intermediate Ballet, Hip-Hop), Gymnastics (intermediate to advanced tumbling), Kajukenpo Martial Arts, Capoeira Intermediate, Eskrima, Stage Combat, Minor Parkour, IPA translation, Drivers License, Passport 

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